Homeowners Association Executive Board


dan pic Dan Easa
18084 North Inlet Dr
(440) 238-3487

The President's duties include presiding at all general business meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee, appointing special committees and serving as a member "ex-officio" of all committees (except the nominating committee), signing/co-signing checks, filing liens, and initiating collection proceedings on behalf of the Association, representing the Association to city counsels, and calling emergency Executive Committee meetings.

Vice President

dave pic Dave Del Rio
13483 Compass Point Drive
(440) 409-2053

The Vice President's duties include assisting and taking the place of the President if the President is unable to perform his or her duties, arranging any programs for the Association meetings, chairing the Warranty Deed Committee, being responsible for insurance affairs of the Association, and operating and maintaining the common grounds.


bonnie pic Bonnie Bailey
18091 Treasure Isle Circle
(440) 572-5044

The Secretary's duties include keeping the minutes and attendance records of all Association and Executive Committee meetings, conducting all non-financial related correspondence, editing and distributing the Spyglass Hill newsletter, and maintaining the subdivision address/phone directory.


lisa pic Lisa Meaney
13265 Tradewinds Drive
(440) 878-1244

The Treasurer's duties include keeping all financial records of the Association, preparing invoices for and keeping detailed records of dues collection, filing liens on delinquent accounts and adding interest to delinquent accounts, filing the necessary tax forms of the Association, preparing the annual budget and fiscal year financial statement for presentation at the annual meeting, collecting and distributing the Association mail, conducting financial business correspondence, chairing the Finance Committee, signing and co-signing checks and drafts, filing liens, and initiating collection proceedings, publishing in the quarterly newsletter a "State of the Budget" report and financial statement, dispensing, recording, and collecting Association expenses, payments, and fees, complying with Homeowner requests for financial reports, and assisting the Audit Committee in their duties.

Recreation/Pool Chairperson

joe pic Joe Rongone
13250 Long Boat Circle
(440) 829-3221

The Recreation/Pool Chairperson duties include maintaining the Development facilities and enforcing approved rules regarding the pool, tennis courts, and clubhouse.

Social Chairperson

laurie pic Laurie Friedrich
18174 Pirates Cove Circle
(440) 590-2589

The Social Chairperson's duties include holding several social functions throughout the year, greeting homeowners at the Association meetings, and welcoming new homeowners to Spyglass Hill. Visit Spyglass Hill on Facebook for more information on social events.

Clubhouse Rentals

Brad and Kelly Esarove
13016 Tradewinds Dr
(440) 846-8703

Clubhouse rentals are handled through Brad and Kelly.